Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner Experiencing Married Issues Because of Dakota Johnson?

12:17 PM EDT 5/22/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Ever since they both starred in "Fifty Shades of Grey," Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been one of the most talked-about celebrities especially that the actor is married to English actress Amelia Warner. There were reports claiming that the two stars are secretly hooking up even on-set whenever they can get a chance. Other fans also speculate that the actor reportedly shopped presents for his co-star although some believe that those are for his wife and two kids. Now, with these unending gossips about them, recent reports say that the actor's wife is already pissed.

Despite these claims, Jamie Dornan has denied these gossips about him and his "Fifty Shades Darker" co-star and said that he is head-over-heels of his wife and children. Dakota also denied these speculations and said that she has so much respect to the actor's wife and kids. Both stars have admitted that there was awkwardness during their first filming of the first movie but the second installment went easier.

"We've got a great sort of love and respect for each other," Jamie Dornan told ET Online. "We're great friends and I think that makes it easier, you know? So it's definitely more comfortable." Dakota also said that the sexy scenes they did together in the next filming were easier as they become closer to each other. Their comments regarding the sexy scenes made fans believe that the two might have become way closer to the extent that they already treat each other more than friends.

Earlier reports from Celebeat suggest that these speculations between Jamie Dornan and his "Fifty Shades Freed" co-star have made his wife furious. There were reports claiming that the couple are experiencing marriage issues because of Dakota. Doing steamy films together could be pretty challenging especially if one of the stars is married and have kids with someone else.

Jamie Dornan, 35, has been married to Amelia Warner, 34, since 2013. Together, they have two kids Dulcie and Elva. Stay tuned to Celebeat for more entertainment updates.

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