All For Meghan Markle: Prince Harry Betrayed Father, Aide Says

7:22 AM EDT 10/24/2019 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Betrayal by his own son? A Royal aide said that Prince Harry betrayed his father, Prince Charles for the sake of his wife, Meghan Markle.

Prince Charles reportedly felt as if all his hard work for the past days were undermined because of the documentary that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did. The Prince of Wales, still busy in Japan, felt not only angry that the documentary wasted all the hard work Prince William and Kate were doing in Pakistan but also mad that the resulting debacle overshadowed his own work.

"To do it to your brother is one thing. To do it to your father and paymaster is a completely different matter altogether," the aide explained

The fact that Meghan Markle simply chose not to attend an event where she was cordially invited by the Prince of Wales, just made things worse. 

Alarmingly, Duchess of Sussex even confirmed attendance but reportedly had to gall to stood her father-in-law on the said date up.

Markle Cancels Last Minute

To make the long story short, Markle canceled on Harry's father and no reports were made that the Duke of Sussex did something about it. Previous reports revealed that Harry even said, "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets."

Does this include letting down his father? It's anybody's guess.

Sources revealed that what transpired was that Prince Charles was supposed to have a meeting with the Duchess of Sussex, but the 38-year-old canceled at the last minute. One source even claimed that when someone gets an invitation from a royal, one has to simply go. There is just no way to say no.

Whatever issues there were could have been contained within the palace walls, if not for the latest bombshell that Prince Harry dropped. He confirmed the feud that he has with William, something which the Palace tried so hard to keep mum.

Reports stated that this got the royal family worried over the state of the couple.

What the Queen has to Say

The Queen wants to keep the family ties strong, and would love her grandsons to "rise above their issues."

Being the head of the family, she wanted both William and Harry to make peace. However, Queen Elizabeth II also doesn't like to be dragged into the mess and was said to be deferring to her husband to handle her grandsons. It was reported, though, that the portrait of Harry and Meghan were removed from the audience room of Her Majesty.

Despite the loving arms that the Queen stretched towards her grandchildren, it would seem that Harry and Meghan have their frames of mind. A source close to the couple blurted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the ones who single-handedly modernized the royal institution.

This caused outrage and treated it as an attack against the Queen. They stated that it also overshadowed the work that Prince Charles was doing overseas, as well as that of William and Kate's.

Whether there is an end to the royal feud is anybody's guess. With royal sources continually leaking what goes on beyond the peering eyes of the press and the public, everyone would always have a piece of royally delicious news to chew at every morning.  

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