[SPOILERS] ‘One Piece’ Chapter 860 Recap: Dogtooth Charlotte Sees Future, Jinbe Ready To Sacrifice His Life

9:16 AM EDT 3/24/2017 by Lainee M., Celebeat Reporter

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"One Piece" Chapter 860 witnessed Jinbe's determination to sacrifice his life as necessary for Straw Hat Pirate Luffy. This chapter also highlighted one special character who might put Capone Bege's Big Mom assassination plan in jeopardy because of his power to look into the future. He is no other than the second son of Linlin's family named Dogtooth Charlotte.

"One Piece" Chapter 860 opened in a scene where Pekoms was asking the Sun Pirates where they are headed to. Aladine then confessed that they are leaving the country, which confused Pekoms as Big Mom will not allow this. But Jinbe has a plan and he is quite confident that the Sun Pirates can leave the island without being caught.

Jinbe believes that Linlin's security will not be too tight during the tea party, giving the pirates an opportunity to sneak out. However, the "Knight of the Sea" wants to stay at the tea party to help the Straw Hat Pirates after knowing about Big Mom's Germa assassination plan. On "One Piece" Chapter 860, Aladine figured out that Jinbe is ready to give his life for Luffy's cause so he asked the whale shark fishman to protect himself to the best that he can.

Meanwhile, Celebeat has earlier reported that something may happen before Luffy and Capone execute the Big Mom assassination plan. As it seems, it's not Brulee who might put the plot in jeopardy but Dogtooth. "One Piece" Chapter 860 revealed that he's a very strong villain who has mastered his Observation Haki, allowing him to see a bit into the future.

Also on "One Piece" Chapter 860, Bege met an organ dealer named Jigra who was there to exact his revenge on Linlin. However, just before he was able to tell Bege his whole story, someone shot him with a jellybean. This made Bege question the guards but as it turned out, it was Dogtooth who attacked Jigra because he peeked at the future and saw that the organ trader will just accuse Big Mom of killing his father.

"One Piece" Chapter 860 hinted that Dogtooth could be a hindrance to Luffy and Bege's Big Mom assassination because of his ability to see what may happen next. However, a fan on Reddit claimed that since Bege already saw what Dogtooth could do, he might tweak the Big Mom assassination plan a bit. So, let's all wait for the next installment of your favorite manga series and don't forget to check here at Celebeat for more updates!

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