‘One Piece’ Chapter 860 Spoilers: Luffy, Capone Assassination Plan Against Big Mom Might Fail Because Of Brulee

10:12 AM EDT 3/18/2017 by Lainee M., Celebeat Reporter

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"One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers say that the next release dubbed as "Tea Party From Hell" will see how Luffy and Capone Bege execute their assassination plan against Big Mom. However, it seems that the alliance between the Straw Hat pirate and the mafia don-like captain is doomed to fail because of Brulee. See details below.

"One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers suggest that Luffy and Capone's assassination plan against Big Mom might be unsuccessful because of Brulee's loyalty to her mother. Apparently, a fan on Reddit pointed that something could go wrong and it could be because of Brulee. Big mom's daughter might be planning her own strategy to spill what she knows about the assassination plan. But the question is, how can she reach Charlotte Linlin just before Luffy and his gang execute their mission?

"One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers also claim that the assassination plan may lead to the pirates' doom because of their carelessness. As revealed in the previous release, Capone needs a five-second window to hit Charlotte Linlin with the KX launcher. For the uninitiated, the KX launcher is a weapon designed by Caesar Clown to kill Big Mom, which injects a victim with five grams of organophosphate toxin according to Travelers Today.

However, a five-second window is quite too short and could be tricky because Big Mom has a lot of guards surrounding her and her castle. Additionally, Luffy is not so good with following plans that well. "One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers suggest that they might not be able to execute the assassination plan correctly but the Straw Hat pirate is expected to devise an improvised solution.

"One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers here, however, are not confirmed yet so readers are advised to take them with skepticism. For more news and updates about your favorite manga, don't forget to keep checking here at Celebeat.

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