Establishing A Hair Care Empire With Gillian Garcia

8:26 PM EDT 6/3/2021 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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Establishing A Hair Care Empire With Gillian Garcia

Ju Poppin is a hair care product line owned by master hairstylist Gillian Garcia. The brand focuses on bringing back healthy and nourished hair for men and women. It has amassed a large online following on numerous platforms, most notably on its YouTube channel. However, this success did not come overnight and happened slowly through the persistence and patience of Gillian.

An educator, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and visionary, Gillian Garcia is one of New York's most sought-after hairstylists. Determined to share her love of her work with the world, her salon, Gillian Garcia Artistry, exudes positive energy and has a calm and relaxing environment. This atmosphere has contributed to building the formidable reputation that puts her among the best hairstylists.

To the surprise of many, Garcia did not dream of being a hairstylist. Her 20 years of experience as a hairstylist happened due to events that significantly altered the course of her life. She was born and brought up in Trinidad and Tobago. She lost her grandmother and it was a significant event that had a big impact on her life. She got her initial training as a hairstylist from Hair Ann's Hair School in San Fernando, Trinidad. When she came to America in 1993, she only had $50 with her. However, she had big dreams and aspirations in her life. Gillian realized that it was her calling to be a hairstylist and soon found herself drawn to it and took pride in her work. She loved the fact that she could improve the confidence and self-esteem of her customers through her products and services.

An entrepreneur at heart, Garcia took steps to ensure she would achieve success. Education played a significant role in her journey. It included reinventing herself and developing qualities she admired in her role models.

She is highly motivated to see greatness not only in herself but also in others. If Gillian was not a hairstylist, she would have been a motivational speaker or a life coach. Aspiring to be the best she can be, she reached out to the people around her to establish a deeper understanding of each other.

Improving the lives of people is a big part of Gillian's mission in life. This also is the mission of Ju Poppin. True to her philanthropist nature, Garcia has created programs to help those around her. Project Give Back involved helping the less fortunate during holiday seasons. The Best Me program taught young women acceptance and growth through the transformative power of self-love.

This approach to engaging with the public has certainly helped Ju Poppin's growth. Not only are the brand's products natural and highly effective, but it also stands for authenticity. This has created a community held together by a mutual desire to bring about a change.

With Ju Poppin, Gillian Garcia wants to empower individuals and make them both look and feel good. She wants her customers to be the best version of themselves and wants her products to help boost confidence by delivering results.

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