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Dakota Johnson played a young girl joining ISIS in a skit on Saturday Night Live

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Star Dakota Johnson Getting Blasted for ‘Saturday Night Live's’ ISIS Skit

6:42 AM EST 3/2/2015

Poor Dakota Johnson. She just gamely took part in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) scripted sketch parodying Toyota's “My Bold Dad” commercial, where a dad gets tearful after he drops his daughter off to join the army, and now she's getting the brunt of the blast from social media. In the sketch, SNL's Taran Killam, playing the dad, drops off Dakota as his daughter, who said: “Dad, it’s just ISIS.” She boards a truck with actors dressed as Islamic State members, one of whom yells: “Death to America,” as the father asks them to take care of his little girl, much like in the Toyota Camry ad.Read more

Dakota Johnson taking off her clothes for SNL

Dakota Johnson’s Mom and Dad Joins Her in Saturday Night Live

5:27 AM EST 3/1/2015

Dakota Johnson’s famous parents reunited for their daughter’s hosting stint on Saturday Night Live.Read more

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