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Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien of

Dylan O'Brien 2017: 'Maze Runner 3' Star Reportedly Wants To Keep Stiles Jeep From 'Teen Wolf' Season 6

8:16 AM EDT 3/29/2017

Dylan O'Brien might bring home Stiles Stilinski's beloved Jeep once "Teen Wolf" Season 6 is done!Read more

Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden of

'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Star Holland Roden Reveals Dylan O'Brien Created Stydia, Stiles Lydia Kiss Took Several Takes [VIDEO]

7:01 AM EDT 3/28/2017

"Teen Wolf" Season 6 actress Holland Roden has just given Dylan O'Brien credit for single-handedly creating Stydia because he loves improvising!Read more

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