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Nick Gordon Arrested For Beating Up New Girlfriend | TMZ Live

Nick Gordon’s New Domestic Violence Case Proves Bobbi Kristina Brown Was A Battered Girlfriend?

9:58 AM EDT 6/14/2017

Nick Gordon’s new case may be potential evidence for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s caseRead more

Queen of Funk Chaka Khan said recently that she was

Chaka Khan Wasn’t Shocked Over Bobbi Kristina Brown, But Was Disappointed

8:10 AM EDT 4/5/2015

The undisputed Queen of Funk described in a recent interview the pain of reliving Whitney Houston's sudden death after the diva's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was found facedown and unresponsive in a bathtub of her Roswell, Ga., home on Jan. 31.Read more

Bobbi Kristina Brown is currently still in a medically induced coma

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Aunt Claims Nick Gordon Is under Investigation for Attempted Murder

6:30 AM EDT 3/8/2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt, Leolah Brown, is claiming that Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s husband, is under investigation for the attempted murder of her niece via a Facebook post.Read more

In a separate statement, Bobby Brown said: “We continue to request privacy in regards to my daughter’s medical condition. We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is hearing our prayers.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Tragedy Being Turned into a Reality TV Show?

8:13 AM EST 3/4/2015

As Bobbi Kristina Brown, 20, remains on life-support after a medically-induced coma at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, some of her family members are planning to share their grief with TV audiences according to People.Read more

Gordon, who frequently uses his Twitter account to vent frustrations over the Brown and Houston families isolating him from his 21-year-old partner, invoked Bobbi Kristina’s late mother Whitney Houston on Thursday.

Nick Gordon Pleads to See Bobbi Kristina Brown; Expresses Frustrations Over Bobby Brown

6:03 AM EST 2/28/2015

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s partner, has taken Twitter into a war frenzy with Bobbi’s father, Bobby Brown.Read more

R & B singer Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina's father, is refuting Gordon's claim that he desperately wants to visit his daughter.

Nick Gordon Says he Wants to Visit Bobbi Kristina, But Bobby Brown Says he Declined When Given the Opportunity

6:49 AM EST 2/24/2015

On Saturday, February 21, Nick Gordon posted on his Twitter page: “Let me in the hospital to see my girl and let her hear my voice SHE WILL WAKE UP!!!” and “If she hears MY voice let me massage her, play her favorite music I believe it will help.” Based on the tweets, Gordon has given the public the impression that he had been denied access to visit his 21-year-old girlfriend in the hospital where she is in a medically-induced coma three weeks after being found unconscious facedown at her bathtub.Read more

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Releases New Statement Addressing False Reports, Watch Full Candle Vigil Here (VIDEO)

5:20 PM EST 2/10/2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Releases New Statement Addressing False Reports, Watch Full Candle Vigil Here (VIDEO)Read more

Cissy Houston Spends Time with granddaughter in bedside vigil

Cissy Houston Spends Bedside Vigil For Granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown

6:00 PM EST 2/9/2015

Cissy Houston, the mother of the legendary superstar Whitney Houston and grandmother to her only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, visited her comatose granddaughter at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.Read more

Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in a Georgia hospital, but police in Roswell, GA continue to investigate what took place last Saturday morning

Bobbi Kristina Brown is Worth $20 Million; Nick Gordon Hunted as Primary Suspect Due to Alleged Injuries on Bobbi’s Body

9:19 AM EST 2/9/2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has yet to improve according to reports.Read more

Bobbi Kristina Brown and husband Nick Gordon (vibe.com)

Bobby Brown Asks For Privacy For Daughter Who Is Currently Fighting For Her Life

1:24 PM EST 2/4/2015

R&B singer Bobby Brown spoke out on Sunday regarding the condition of his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown who is still in hospital after she was found unconscious in a bathtub at her home in Atlanta.Read more

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