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Akira Toriyama's

'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Artist Shares How the anime Series Ends; Anime Launches a Website Allowing Fans to Create Their Own Characters

10:08 AM EDT 5/4/2017

"Dragon Ball Super" will soon meet its end and its manga artist as well as its creator shared their insights as to how the anime series ends.Read more

Majin Buu in

'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 84 & 85: Goku's Rematch With Majin Buu; Android 18 Convinced to Join the Tournament

7:55 AM EDT 3/30/2017

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes 84 and 85 spoilers reveal that Goku runs into a slimmed down Majin Buu, who has been training for the Tournament of Power and will have an unexpected rematch.Read more

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