Kristen Stewart As A Vampire, How Will The Actress Transition?

8:13 AM EDT 6/15/2012 by Amanda Remling, Celebeat Reporter

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Awkward. Nervous. Clumsy.

Lip biting. Stuttering. Tripping.

At times when watching "Twilight" Bella was just...obnoxious. Girlfriend has a hot vampire boyfriend and has men with super-strength fighting over her (I understand being nervous about this, but it is also very flattering). Plus she lives in the middle of the woods in Washington State, doesn't seem like a lot of great options out there. Bella has transformed a bit, becoming a more powerful and heroic woman, with her biggest moment coming during "Eclipse" when she cut herself to save Edward. We also have to give her props for standing up to Edward when that half demon baby was crushing her from the inside out. Whatever her deal was in the past, fans of "Twilight" will finally get to see a Bella full of power and confidence in the final film, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2."

"Breaking Dawn - Part 2" will find Bella (Kristen Stewart) waking up after being transformed into a vampire. At the end of "Part 1" fans witnessed the vampire venom healing her frail and broken body, and highlighting her natural beauty. With a big fight ahead to protect Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), "Twilight" fans can kiss goodbye to clumsy teenage Bella, and say hello to sexy a** kicking vampire Bella.

"That's the kind of huge thing that fans are waiting for," Entertainment Weekly reportsTaylor Lautner said of Bella's transformation. "Kristen did so well suddenly becoming this super-sexy vampire who's athletic and graceful. She took it very seriously and pulls it off."

So how exactly did the actress pull it off? According to Ace Show Biz, Stewart learned how to play a vampire from her co-stars.

"I knew every single version of vampire," Stewart told Entertainment Weekly. "I took a little bit from everyone. But I wanted her to be the best."

While the vampire transition went well acting wise, Stewart reportedly had a problem with the change physically. Ace Show Biz reports that Stewart could not get used to wearing the red contact lenses that are a  necessity when depicting the famous "Twilight" vampires.

 "Kristen complained about 500 times more than I have," said on-screen and off-screen love, Robert Pattinson. "She condensed four years of complaining into a few months."

Pictures have already surfaced on vampire Bella, but fans won't actually see her in action until "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hits theaters on November 16.

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