Sophia Bush Stunned In A Red Prada Dress But Claims Being Hot “Is So Lame”

12:20 AM EDT 8/6/2012 by Stapha Charleme, Celebeat Reporter

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Sophia Bush looked absolutely gorgeous during a recent sighting at the CW Summer TCA Party in Beverly Hills. The raspy-voiced beauty wore an effortless red V-neck Prada dress, black peep toe pumps, and minimal gold jewelry.

But don't expect her to rest on her laudatory good looks, because the actress admits to being more than just a pretty face.

"I am incredibly fortunate to have had a beautiful education." Said Bush. " I went to incredible private schools and a private university, I was an honours student. My brain is by far the thing I value about myself the most."

She then proceeded to add a few words on the fleeting power of beauty . "And sure, it's flattering if someone looks at you and goes, 'Hey, you look really hot in that dress.' Well, thanks, but in 30 years my t--- and my ass aren't going to be where they are now, so..."

It seems like Hollywood's constant demand for waif-like figures has dulled Bush's outlook on what's considered attractive.

"I totally get it, but I also know that the notion of being attractive, or like, quote-unquote, the hot girl, to me is so lame,"

One thing Bush is extremely mindful of is her public persona. She simply refuses to be one of those actresses who carouses around town in revealing clothing.

"I appreciate that when I am considered part of "young Hollywood," it's because of my work, not my ability to shotgun beers. That is how I want to be represented, not by my social habits. I love my job, I love acting, I love making movies, I love becoming someone else for 10 hours a day for the joy of finding someone else's psychology. If I plan on doing this for the rest of my life, if I plan to still be working until I'm 60, I can't blow it now. I'd rather do it slowly and properly than explode for being a party girl and not have a career in two years, it's not worth it for me."

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