'Django Unchained,' 'Lincoln,' and 'Zero Dark Thirty' Torrent Leaked Online: Screener Copies Of Academy Award Films Leak With Near-DVD Quality

4:05 PM EST 1/18/2013 by Ian Kar, Celebeat Reporter

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"Django Unchained," "Lincoln," and "Zero Dark Thirty" all leaked onto multiple torrent sites.

Recently, critically acclaimed movies that were released in late 2012 have been leaking onto various torrent sites. "Django Unchained," "Lincoln," and "Zero Dark Thirty," all nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, were leaked onto the internet. "Django" and "Lincoln" were only in theaters for a few weeks, but "Zero Dark Thirty" hasn't even been officially released yet.

It's a shame that Speilberg's "Lincoln," Tarantino's "Django Unchained," and "The Hobbit" and "Zero Dark Thirty" all leaked, because it might drastically affect the sales for their movies. So far, it hasn't, especially with "Zero Dark Thirty," which posted $24 million in ticket sales opening weekend.

The question is-how are these videos being leaked? The answer lies with Oscar voters. The copies being leaked are high-quality, near-DVD, versions of the film. As I previously wrote, "Hollywood needs to be careful about these screeners getting leaked left and right. Even though they are reserved for Academy voters who vote for the nominees for the Oscars, somehow, major torrenters are getting their hands on these copies. And, even though they are riddled with security measures, including watermarks, torrenters are getting smarter and smarter and are able to eliminate the watermarks and other security measures to produce a near-DVD quality file."

To watch any of these movies, pay a visit to your favorite torrent site and search the title of the film. Make sure you keep an eye out for a "DVDSCR" or "Screener" tag to find the best quality version of the film. And, you should also watch it in theaters as well to support the director, actors, and crew who worked so hard to produce such an amazing movie. Please be aware that downloading torrents can be considered illegal, depending on where you live. Download with caution.

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