Amy Poehler To Publish Her First Book For 2014

4:27 PM EST 1/29/2013 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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"Parks and Recreation" star and "Saturday Night Live" veteran Amy Poehler is writing a book.

Just like her peers in comedy, including Mindy Kaling, Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Lena Dunham, and her best friend Tina Fey, we highly anticipate Amy Poehler's latest literary pursuit.

Tina Fey sold a million copies of her book "Bossypants" but will Poehler be able to create a book that draws a similar level of success? Amy Poehler will be working with It Books, a pop culture imprint of HarperCollins Publisher.

"Her original twist on the conventional memoir will have universal appeal," described a spokesperson at It Books. "An illustrated, non-linear diary full of humor and honesty and brimming with true stories, fictional anecdotes and life lessons, the book will be a unique and engaging experience from one of today's most talented and beloved stars."

This book will represent the very first from Poehler, who first confirmed the book just days after co-hosting the prestigious Golden Globes awards with Tina Fey. Holding nothing back, the 41-year-old actor-writer-producer-comedian-author will craft a string of entertaining fictional and nonfictional stories into this book that promises to be a massive hit for readers of all ages.

The book will be edited by It Book's Carrie Thornton. Thornton said in a statement that she was "blown away by her creativity and her passion."

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