Ashlee Holmes Dina Manzo Feud: Jacqueline Laurita Daughter Feuds With 'RHONJ' Star

11:57 AM EDT 7/15/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Ashlee Holmes is causing a stir on social media.

On Sunday night, as the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired on Bravo, Dina Manzo was tweeting about her "zen" outlook when Holmes insinuated that she didn't know the meaning of the word, leading to a war of words between the two.

“Just a hint of why I stay away,” Manzo wrote the next day, according to a July 14 report by Radar Online. Then, Holmes asked, “LOL…Oh is THAT why?”

While Manzo had joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey with her sister, Caroline Manzo, when the series first began, she and Caroline haven't had much of a relationship since, and because of Laurita's closeness with Caroline, she and Manzo haven't got along for a while -- despite their being related.

As if that weren't enough to cause tension, there have also been reports that Manzo may have had Laurita fired from the show ahead of season six so that she could make a series return.

In response to Holmes and Manzo's online dispute, Laurita shared a message of her own.

“Really? I thought it was bc our fam knows2much u don’t want public,” Laurita tweeted. “I’ve stayed quiet a long time 4 my fam. Ashlee shouldn’t have said anything, but Dina shouldn’t have involved a blogger as if an innocent victim. … Touchy subject.”

Manzo has yet to respond to Laurita's message.

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