Amber Portwood Tell-All: 'Teen Mom' Reveals Hopes For 'Never Too Late'

10:12 AM EDT 8/27/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Amber Portwood is hoping her new book, Never Too Late, will help fans get through hard times.

In a new interview, the Teen Mom star opened up about why she decided to tell her story and revealed her hopes for the memoir.

“I had been thinking about writing a book since my stay in prison,” Portwood revealed to MTV News on Aug. 26. “I felt it was time when I got out to actually do it. I think my book is able to give strength and determination to those who are struggling.”

In June 2012, Portwood, who had been struggling with drug addiction, turned herself in to prison to serve a 5-year sentence. Although the reality star and mother to 5-year-old Leah had the option of drug treatment, which would have kept her out of prison, Portwood felt her only chance at kicking her drug habit was to do so behind bars.

Now that she's out of prison, following an early release in Nov. 2013, Portwood is sharing her struggles and triump in hopes that readers will get through their dark times, as well.

“I want people to read my book with an open mind,” Portwood continued. “I also hope my story can reach and help many people.”

As for what her daughter thinks of her becoming an author, Portwood claims she's excited.

“She thinks it’s neat,” Portwood explained.. “She said, ‘I’m in a story like the books I read!’ She’s adorable.”

Never Too Late is available now.

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