Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 5 Recap: Kenya apologizes to Phaedra while Nene and Cynthia continue to clash

4:50 PM EST 12/8/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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As expected, a lot of stories happened from the last episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Claudia Jordan assures Kenya Moore that the latter is not a liar and not a whore. Claudia and Kenya swap stories at Claudia's unfurnished condo with a bit of a booze as they bond together. Kenya lamented to Jordan about her tearful conversation with Kandi last week - and why they are still skeptical on Apollo Nida's revelation about his relationship with Kenya.

Kandi and Todd Tucker visits Kenya's old home and were astonished to see the house is a mess. This was due to Mama Joyce's decision to leave the house, as she originally intended to inhabit it, but instead will look for a house of her own.

"It looks like it's tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, and definitely a month away or more from selling," according to US weekly..

Mama Joyce did assure Kandi that she will fix the house.

Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leaks are at it again! Cynthia's mom and sister Malorie visited Cynthia for the weekend and she expresses her frustration about her former friend. Cynthia has found out that Nene keeps on tweeting and blogging about their feud. In response, Cynthia wishes, she could be "woman enough to have the conversation [with her] and move on."

Their friendship became shaky because of what happened following Kenya's disastrous charity masquerade ball last season where Nene gave the world's shadiest acceptance speech for an award.

Kandi, on the other hand, drops by Phaedra Park's home for some gossip. They chatted about Phaedra's final days living with Apollo and how it was strained. Apollo hasn't said anything to Phaedra about his admission to Kenya. During the conversation, Kandi proposes a nice dinner for all of them to make amends with each other. Kandi was surprised that Phaedra had agreed to cooperate. Whew! Better hide anything that can inflict pain!

Claudia and Kenya continue to hit it off and were seen in the gym as they get to know each other. They both chatted about being a product of broken families.

At the agreed dinner, Kandi, Phaedra, Cynthia, Kenya, NeNe and Porsha Williams finally meet. In a prayer by Phaedra and Kandi, before the Housewives arrives, Phaedra asks for protection against whores which sets the tone for the generally-shady night.

It went rather a fistfight of words from Phaedra and Kenya, calling each other "a duck" and "a dumb." Kenya then asks the other girls to stop persecuting her for Apollo's lies and is asking for a "benefit of the doubt" insight. In the end, Kenya apologizes to Phaedra and later on she agreed for a clean slate.

The next matter was the Cynthia-Nene falling out, but things got out of hand! They argued about how Nene had Cynthia's back all the time and Cynthia seem to see it the other way around.

Catch the next episode on December 14 at 8/7C via Bravo TV.

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