Olivia Wilde Flaunts A Flawless Figure 7 Months After Giving Birth

4:40 PM EST 12/13/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Who says one can't be hot during motherhood? Olivia Wilde seems to be contesting that idea as she was spotted with a very slim and hot figure in a relaxing and wet escapade with her fiancée Jason Sudeikis in Hawaii. What's also shocking is that she's sporting a very trim figure and she just gave birth seven months ago to her baby. Who does that?

The handsome couple welcomed their son Otis to the world last April and spent their Hawaii getaway having fun under the sun and on the waves as well as catching a few rounds of paddle boarding.

The brand new mother excitedly shared with Yahoo! News last month that she feel more confident on herself now ever since she gave birth. She shared that she's been feeling more beautiful now that she's a mother and that she feels like her skin is better than ever. She also shares that the experience let her see beauty in a whole new light. "There's a certain relaxation in becoming a mother. There seems to be an enormous sense of self-love...I give myself credit for creating him, so I love myself a little more and I think that shows. I'm a little more relaxed about how I look; I just don't think the priorities remain the same. I really care less about what people think. And it's just a wonderful thing that comes along with gaining perspective."

She also shared at the Today show that there are days where she doesn't feel so glamorous when motherly duties call out to her, "Usually he has a diaper on and I've never looked that good breastfeeding".

Wilde took the world by storm as she posed for a photo while breastfeeding little Otis for Glamour magazine's September issue.

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