‘Once Upon A Time’ ABC Season 4 SPOILERS with Producer Interview Moving into Spring 2015 Episodes

11:57 PM EST 12/21/2014 by Tam Woods, Celebeat Reporter

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"Once Upon a Time" Season 4 just wrapped up their Winter Finale and what we learned is that Belle (Emily de Ravin) was able to prevent her husband from killing Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and sent Rumple across the town line-which means he can't return due to the Snow Queen's spell. For more though, fans will have to wait until the Spring to see what happens next. 

However, Entertainment Weekly caught up with executive producer Adam Horowitz and writer Edward Kitsis to see if they can learn more about whats ahead for the Spring 2015 episodes. 

"Once Upton a Time" returns to ABC on Sunday night, March 1st at 8/7c. 

Here is a portion of their interview: 

EW: Are you definitively saying that the Sorcerer is the storybook Author?

ADAM HOROWITZ: We are not definitively saying anything other than you will know who the author is pretty soon after we return.

EW: Have you cast the Sorcerer? Is this a character we'll be seeing?

HOROWITZ: The character of the Sorcerer we have not cast. The Sorcerer and/or Author will be met within the second half of the season.

EW: Snow and Charming took a back seat during the first half of the season. Can you tease what's next for them?

KITSIS: They were a little lighter in the first half.

HOROWITZ: They're going to play a much more integral role in what's to come next, particularly with these Queens of Darkness. Their paths and the future of Storybrooke are aligned in a way that we'll learn about very quickly.

KITSIS: They're really going to be in the forefront in the second half, and also their relationship with Emma and their relationship with Regina.

Will we see how the Queens of Darkness came to work together?

HOROWITZ: Yes. Very quickly.

KITSIS: In fact, the premiere.

EW: Rumple seems to have crossed paths with Cruella before. Will we get to see that story?

KITSIS: Yes. Last night, when Rumple saw all three of them, he seemed surprised to see them all. The premiere is going to answer why.

Do the Queens of Darkness share a connection to any other Storybrooke characters?

KITSIS: They're going to have a connection to Snow and Charming. We're also excited to get their origin stories, but one that we're really excited about is episode 14, which is how the Evil Queen met Maleficent.

EW: What can you tease about the next chapter for Hook and Emma? 

HOROWITZ: I think Emma is understanding that Rumple had his heart. The next chapter for the two of them will be about where does their relationship go from here? And how do the new personal obstacles that we'll see unfold for them in the second half of the season either aid or abet that relationship?

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