Jessica Alba Latest News: Alba Takes A Stand Against Bullying

3:30 PM EST 12/29/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Being physically beautiful is one thing that Jessica Alba decides to take into a whole new level that goes beyond the walls of looks alone. The mother to 6-year-old Honor and 3-year-old Haven took a different route to raising her children rather than following on how she was raised.

According to her interview posted at E!Online she shared on how her mother handled the bullying situation when she was a young girl, "Growing up, whenever I was bullied, my mom would say, 'You're a beautiful girl. They're just jealous."  Alba further adds that despite her own parents' best intentions, she said that their advice did not help. "I want my girls to know that beauty is being kind, beauty is helping people, beauty is humility."

She also shares other things she encountered when she was young to Baby Center and how she wants to have her own children to have control with their own lives and to experience life to the fullest, "Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with too much bullying growing up and so far as a parent it hasn't been a problem. I was just sitting face to face with my parents yesterday though and realized I'm so much more like them than not. They were stern and set high expectations, and I do the same. They put a high priority on education and involvement in sports, as do we. However, there is one glaring topic we differ on: they raised me Catholic, I want my kids to figure out what they believe in on their own. That's a big request, I know, but being told what to believe didn't work for me and so it feels only natural to try something else."

Aside from being a full-time working mom, Alba is also hard at work pouring her energies on The Honest Company where she co-founded with Christopher Gavigan, Sean Kane and Brian Lee so that her two daughters would have something to take over in the future. "I'm really hoping that...The Honest Company is some place that they would like to work later, when they're older," she shares to Entertainment Tonight. However, she does have a Plan B if ever any of her girls don't want to take over the company. "If not, I hope they're inspired to be entrepreneurs. And to really push the envelope on you know what they can do with their life and how they can make an impact."

Currently the company is worth $1 billion just two years after it was launched. Alba will be gracing the cover of Natural Health magazine's January-February 2015 issue.

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