Supernatural Season 10: Dean Goes Nuclear in Episode 10

3:50 PM EST 12/30/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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The CW's Supernatural Season 10's next episode titled "The Hunter Games" airs Tuesday, January 20. From the teaser clip for the upcoming show, it may be seen that Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) will be back in the spotlight. Still in chains but no longer in heaven's prison, Metatron is shown held captive by the Winchesters inside the family stronghold. In one scene, he tells Crowley (Mark Sheppard) that "full-out, foaming-at-the-mouth maniac, he's gone nuclear," referring to Dean. In another scene, Dean, who's apparently gone berserk, punchesCharlie (Felicia Day) in the face right after she tells him, "There's the Dean that I love." If it's any consolation, towards the end of the clip, we also see Dean smacking the grinning Metatron hard.

In the coming episodes of Season 10, Crowley's mother, the immortal witch Rowena, may be expected to make life more interesting for her son and his friends. Ruth Connell who portrays the mother-from-hell was quoted by Matt Webb Mitovich of TVLine as saying: "I think most mothers like to interfere in their children's business, so Rowena gets to do that in the episodes to come." To Crowley's consternation and embarrassment, his mother will also continue to call him by his real name, which is Fergus Rodric.

But what about Castiel (Misha Collins) who was last seen with his vessel Jimmy's daughter Claire (Sydney Imbeau) in "The Things We Left Behind"? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Collins hinted that Claire will stay for two episodes more. Regarding his new role as father figure to a teenager, Collins said: "It's something new for Castiel, especially new for him as an angel. He had a little bit of experience with some of that stuff when he was human, but now having to sort of engage a human being on a very personal level that doesn't have anything to do with fighting supernatural forces is very new for him." Collins also added that his character will be seen in the upcoming episode helping Dean regain his humanity. Said he: "Cas is intimately involved in trying to remove the Mark. It's definitely shaping up to be a team effort, but Cas will be instrumental in 'de-marking' Dean ... Getting the mark gone is an important mission for the rest of the season...."

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