Demi Lovato To Tie the Knot with Wilmer Valderrama

10:20 AM EST 1/16/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Demi Lovato is finally getting hitched! The songstress and her boyfriend of five years are reported on making wedding plans. Though there has yet be any ring on Lovato's finger, it would seem that the couple are quite serious about these wedding talks.

"They always talk about marriage, and they are definitely going to get married, but a timetable has not been determined for when that happens. There is no pressure and it could happen in 2015, but it could easily happen in 2020. It's coming down to when they want to have kids, they want to do everything at once," Christian Post quotes a source from Hollywood Life.

The source also adds that Lovato wants to adopt her boyfriend's name once they get married though she understands that she has to keep her current name for professional means. Fashion and Style quotes, "She would want to be known as Demi Valderrama but understands she has to keep the Lovato name for professional means. But anytime she can use his last name when they end up getting married is what she wants to do."

Lovato credits Valderrama so much for her recovery and during her stint in rehab for her eating disorder. The Camp Rock alum shares the story during an interview with Fitness magazine. International Business Times quotes the former Disney star, "It's been difficult. I almost went back to rehab for my eating disorder last summer. I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time. Wilmer noticed and called me out on it, which was a relief. I was done being afraid of food and so tired of overeating and not knowing why I did it. Now, I'm on a structured meal plan. I eat four small meals and two snacks a day. It's teaching me portion control."

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