‘Hawaii-Five O’ CBS Season 5: New Official Synopsis Released by CBS for Episode 13, ‘La Po'ino (Doomsday),’ Will Have the Five-O Task Force Tracking and Retrieving a Kidnapped Bird Flu Patient

10:30 PM EST 1/30/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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CBS' Hawaii Five-O Season 5's upcoming thirteenth episode which airs tonight, January 30, at 8:00 pm, is titled "La Po'ino (Doomsday)." Directed by Maja Vrvilo from a teleplay by Sarah Byrd based on a story by Peter M. Lenkov, the show will be following Five-0 as it tries to track down a kidnapped patient infected with a contagious and lethal strain of bird flu which the culprits intend to weaponize.

Hawaii Five-O stars Alex O'Loughlin as US Navy Lieutenant Commander and Five-O Task Force head Steven J. 'Steve' McGarrett, Scott Caan as HPD Detective Sergeant Daniel 'Danny' Williams, Daniel Dae Kim as HPD Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, Grace Park as HPD Officer Kona 'Kono' Kalakaua, Masi Oka as Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Max Bergman, Chi McBride as former HPD SWAT Captain Lou Grover, and Jorge Garcia as conspiracy theorist and all-around techie Jerry Ortega. The show's recurring cast includes Taylor Wily as confidential informant and enterprising businessman Kamekona Tupuola, Teilor Grubbs as Danny's daughter Grace, Christine Lahti as Steve's mother Dorris, Brian Yang as forensic scientist Charlie Fong, Ian Anthony Dale as Kono's boyfriend Adam Noshimuri, and Terry O'Quinn as retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander and Steve's former SEAL instructor Joe White who will also be seen again in the upcoming "La Po'ino (Doomsday)" episode.

Guest stars for Hawaii Five-O Season 5 episode 13 include Clare Nono as Dr. Nalani Dyer, Elaine Kao as Dr. Jill Loi, Jana Park Moore as Lilian Rennick, Anna Belknap as Amy Lange, Hayden Harrington Brown as Kara Lange, Ian Bamberg as Beckham Lange, Cole Horibe as Mr. Denis Kula, Mikal Vega as Michael Carson and Jacek Latko as a mercenary.

Hawaii Five-O's fifth season, which will have a total of 25 episodes, is the longest yet in the show's history. Since its debut on September 20, 2010, the police procedural TV drama reboot of the 1968 series of the same name has already aired 105 episodes.

Next Friday's episode, titled "Powehiwehi (Blackout)" and airs February 6, will next have Five-0 hunting for a notorious criminal who has never been seen before. It will also have Kono fighting for her life when she discovers the villain's identity and confronting Adam since she's conflicted about their future together because of his ties to his formerly corrupt family business.

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