'Galavant' ABC Season 2 Latest News: Season 1 Ends with A Lot Of Cliffhangers

5:27 PM EST 2/3/2015 by Aishwarya, Celebeat Reporter

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The final episode of the first season of Galavant is over from ABC, but it leaves one with the whole lot of questions unanswered. The team is fairly confident about getting the next season, this is why the viewers see Madalena killing Kingsley and Gal and King Richard sailing off into the sunset. Izzy is locked away by her princely cousin as Madalena takes the throne with Gareth. Dan Fogelman and company seem confident that the network would want to see more of Galavant, as the finale seems more like the first act. Well, the viewers can rejoice at least over on thing that Gal and Izzy finally get to lock lips.

The ratings of Galavant have certainly tumbled over the weeks, but there are chances that the medieval musical well get renewed for a second season. However, the optimistic team of the show have left the viewers with so many cliffhangers that have resolved absolutely nothing. With just eight episodes in the first season, the show needs a second season to provide all the answers to the viewers.

The best part about Galavant were the Chef and Gwynne, who were the most charming twosome on the show. "A Happy Ending for Us" is effortlessly the best score in the concluding hours.  It was interesting to see Sophie McShea trying to bash out the massive Gareth and how Chef backed out of a strategy to poison everyone and fed them foods they were sensitive to.

It were the Songs that were the most hated about Galavant, except "Secret Mission" and "Happy Ending for Us." It seems that the songs were carrying the plot a little more in this chapter, which is at least not a wastage of time. The dungeon left unlocked, and still no one got out or why King Richard volunteered to contest in the battle are some of the questions that have baffled the viewers.

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