'Reign' Season 2: Catherine Tries to Stop Mary from Eloping with Condé

5:34 PM EDT 4/10/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Even if Reign has been off-air for a month now with its last episode being aired last March 19, fans simply cannot help but speculate on what is going to happen to the Queen of Scots in the upcoming episode of Reign.

So far, here are the spoilers and hints that we have dug up for you Reign fans out there.

In the upcoming episode entitled 'Reversal of Fortune', Mary is seen to be contemplating on the idea of running away with Condé however fortune does not seem to want to side with the Queen of Scots as Catherine finds out about Mary's plans and makes it her mission to try to stop her from pursuing the idea.

In addition to that, from the glimpses we got from Reign's recent episode promo, Francis appears to be severely ill and Catherine finds herself blaming Mary for his predicament. Christian Today also reports that Francis had a hard time believing Mary would have the "soul to kill him by breaking his heart". But also in that same promo, we see Mary at Francis' side crying her eyes out.

Given that Francis is unable to rule, Mary becomes Queen now and it would seem that she is using this power to see things her way. She also finds out that she can save Scotland with this power. But her plans won't run smooth as Catherine enlists the help of Narcisse to beat Mary at her own game.

Meanwhile Bash is utterly devoting his life to his savior, the Woman in White and is on a mission to kill the one who made an attempt to his life. Along the way something comes along to the village and little does he know that it is closely linked to the attempted murder.

Reign will return to your television screens with 'Reversal of Fortune' on April 16.

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