'Once upon a Time's' Sympathy for the De Vil Might Bring a Happy Ending to Another Disney Villain

10:24 AM EDT 4/15/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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The hunt is still on for a rewrite in Once Upon a Time, Season 4. Judging by the upcoming episode 19's title, "Sympathy for the De Vil", one could point out that it will be all about Cruella de Vil, portrayed by Victoria Smurfit. On the sideline, the Author, played by Patrick Fischer, will be in the episode too.

We all know that the villains in the series are trying to have their own happy endings written in for them and so far, Merrin Dungey's Ursula managed to get hers. Will Cruella's happy ending be written in for this episode?

According to the tease released by co-creators, Eddy Kitsus and Adam Horowitz, we'll be seeing a lot of Cruella and the Author in the upcoming episode. International Business Times quotes, "There may have been some hints, but our hope is that what it actually turns out to be will be a surprise to everyone. It's a story that we had a lot of fun concocting, and we think that Victoria [Smurfit] is spectacular in that episode." Judging by that revelation, Cruella may get her happy ending but probably not one many are expecting.

The episode may also answer a few things about Maleficent's long lost daughter, Lily. We all know now that Lily and Emma go a long way back having met by chance when they were still young. Answers regarding Lily's fate after she fell through the portal and why she has aged like that to why her not falling into their care, Michael Auseillo says that it will be revealed in episode 19.

"Those questions-as well as the matter of Lily proceeding to age a couple decades while Cruella and Ursula didn't-will be answered at the beginning of the winningly titled April 19 episode, 'Sympathy for the De Vil,'" KPopStarz quotes

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