Blake Lively Has to Change Outfits Several Times During the Day While Promoting 'The Age of Adaline' Because of the Changing Size of Her Breastfeeding Boobs

10:23 AM EDT 5/1/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Blake Lively, 27, changed her outfit seven times in five hours Tuesday while promoting Lionsgate's The Age of Adaline, an epic romantic fantasy movie about a woman who has remained 29-years-old for almost eight decades.

Explaining why she was seen wearing 14 different ensembles in three days while she was promoting her new film in New York City, the star told People: "With all the wardrobe changes, one thing I hadn't accounted for was that I didn't have time to pump. So my proportions definitely started to, shall we say, increase throughout the day." She joked that at one point, she nearly had a fashion fall on live TV because of the increasing size in her un-pumped boobs. "I walked out onstage for one appearance in an outfit that had fit perfectly when I tried it on many hours earlier, but by the time it got on me, I thought, 'Oh, no! This isn't going to cover them up at all!' I was very worried about a wardrobe malfunction," she said. 

Blake gave birth in December to daughter James with husband Ryan Reynolds. She considers breastfeeding her 4-month-old baby "her full-time job." In an interview, she even shares that "I'm, like, driving down the road, pumping."

The Age of Adaline is expected to take in north of $40 million at the box office domestically, says The Wrap. The "A-" CinemaScore awarded by audiences means positive word of mouth, and it should travel quickly via the social media. Blake's image as a fashion icon is of course key to getting through to the film's target audience of fashion conscious women. According to Danielle DePalma, executive vice-president of digital marketing at Lionsgate, "We were very aware of Blake's high fashion profile when we crafted the campaign. We worked with nine top fashion and beauty stars from YouTube and Maker Studios and created a custom 'Fashion Journey Through the Decades' initiative. We worked up a series of video ads that we used to reach young women on Instagram, and we had a 'how-to' feature on Pinterest,...but that was just the start." 

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