'Diary of Teenage Girl' Comes To Silver Screen From A Different Perspective

1:51 AM EDT 8/20/2015 by Justine Ellice Biluan, Celebeat Reporter

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Phoebe Gloeckner's The Diary of A Teenage Girl will be adapted on film.

The diary is based on what Phoebe's life as a teenager. The issues that will be raised in the film will be new perspective for adults, perhaps to let them be more aware, or protective about teenagers. Either way, she is a very brave woman to share her story without feeling terrified of what others might think or say about her.

Gloeckner was raised in an unorthodox upbringing. She was 15 when she lost her virginity to an older man who happened to be her mother's boyfriend. She relived her teenage experience when she found her diary decades later. In an interview with Terry Gross, Gloeckner expressed herself as an adult talking to a child's voice that pleads to be heard.

Eight years after Gloeckner the release of her semi-autobiographical graphic novel, actress Marie Heller have adapted the book and starred in a New York theatrical production. A few years later, the book will be adapted in a movie directed by Heller herself.

An interview with NPR has further enlightened people who are intrigued on the story plot and how the film would appear to the community. Gloeckner and Heller have come to agree that the story in the film will be in Minnie's (Main Character/Phoebe Gloeckner) perspective.

The situation that Gloeckner has experienced when she was younger can be tagged as child abuse. Although if at that time the experience was empowering for her, then that should how the audience feel about it.

Bell Powley has been chosen to cast Minnie.

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