John Legend Gives Chrissy Teigen A 'Cheesy' Christmas Gift

9:41 PM EST 12/29/2015 by Erika Ivene Columna, Celebeat Reporter

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It was the best Christmas for the wife of singer-songwriter John Legend when she received her "lifetime dream" as a present. Legend loves showering his wife with whatever her heart desires, thus he gifts her a cheese wheel for Christmas.

A delighted Chrissy Teigen posted to her Instagram account their photo with the "cheesy" gift Legend has for her. The parmesan cheese wheel, which was what she called her "lifetime dream", is a dream for all foodies and cooking enthusiasts around the world.

Because of her overflowing happiness, Teigen cannot contain her emotions towards the cheese. She posted another photo of Legend's present while "in action".

 A cheese wheel is used by dumping freshly cooked, hot pasta to melt the cheese and mix a cheesy sauce in it. In restaurants where cheese wheels are used, the final step that is the use of the wheel, is done right at the table before munching on the finished product.

This gift choice might seem like a simple present, the price will tell you that it's definitely not. According to a little research made by the Huffington Post, a cheese wheel would normally cost about US$2,500.

The couple announced in October that they were expecting baby number 1 after Teigen's struggles with fertility. Daily Mail shared a full-on report regarding the said announcement.

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