Lamar Odom Escapes Drug Charges, Despite Cocaine Found in His System

9:06 AM EST 1/13/2016 by Rhea Pruto, Celebeat Reporter

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Though traces of cocaine are detected in his unconsious body, NBA player Lamar Odom is still free from possible charges. He will not be charged with any drug counts, according to prosecutors, because of lack in evidence.

Page Six reports that even if there were cocaine in his body when he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel last year, this is not enough to say that he used the drug during his three days in Nye County. According to District Attorney Angela Bello, without this evidence, the basketball player cannot be charged with unlawful use of cocaine or being under the influence of a controlled substance. 

Bello explained that because the basketball player has no possession of any cocaine at the time he was found unconscious and because the cocaine within his system already metabolized, there was not enough evidence to charge him with a criminal case. Metabolization made it difficult to discern when Odom really used the drug. 

It's "unlikely it could (be) established beyond a reasonable doubt he actually ingested, or was impaired by, the drug during the time he was within the jurisdiction of Nye County," she said in a statement.

Earlier, it had been reported by CNN that Odom is already better and moving on to a new facility. Where this facility is still remains a mystery as the family will not disclose the information. Instead, the family appealed for privacy and thanked those who continue to pray for Khloe Kardashian's ex.

Before this positive announcement, Kardashian already filled in on Odom's fans and said the player was doing amazingly fine, as reported by ABC News. While promoting her new TV show, "Kocktails with Khloe," Khloe said that her ex is getting better and she is so proud of him. However, she also refused to say more because it is not her story to tell. Despite being separated, Khloe said she is willing to support and care for him.

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