Since “Pretty Little Liars” Is Back, Murders And Controversies Are Also Evident

7:26 PM EST 1/14/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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The popular TV series has taken a five-year leap; however, it is pretty much back from scratch. There are many new aspects added to make the show all the more interesting such as thrilling deaths and disputes

The show has been on air and loved by all for the last six seasons while it put on display an interesting take on the growing up years. The show offered some of the most fascinating display of the teen girls and the world around them--the amazingly portrayed hard times, the way to put their thoughts, surviving in a world around and exploring new horizons and the zeal to understand the world better.

As cited in MTV news, the show is still exploring, even after a gap of five years. The girls are grown up; however, they are still trying to get a hold of the world around. They are all still trying to figure out the way of life in the growing-up phase. They are still getting adjusted with the new world, and they are enjoying that fact that they can now drink, legally!

Spencer can be seen with bangs, and the look is awesome! Remember the Radley Sanitarium? This is turned into a posh hotel now, and yes there are no ghosts at all!

Fans of the series will still find people cursing around and drinking throughout in the show, and the most interesting part is that they all have jobs now! And the Liars' text would be shown on the screen now, like the rest of the popular shows like Sherlock. 

Another great thing to look forward to is that Emily's dad is no longer adding to the complexities in her life. Other than the above-mentioned changes, the show still manages to retain some of its charms, which always worked for the show being a hit, according to the report of Entertainment Weekly news.

All of the lead actors, especially Hanna, still have a hand over her typically cheesy lines. Ali and Tobi are still residing at Rosewood. Lorenzo still works with the Police, while Ezra still owns the Brew. The most favourite element of the show is still on air, while Spencer and Mrs. Hastings talk over politic issues.

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