Charlie Sheen Disappointed With Alternate Mexican HIV Treatment; Timed Out With His Regular Meds For A Week

3:50 AM EST 1/15/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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Hollywood star Charlie Sheen appeared for an interview in the "Dr. Oz Show," where he revealed about being off HIV medications and opting for an alternate treatment, hoping for it to work as life with HIV is anyways unpredictable.

As reported by People, Sheen got in touch with Dr. Sam Chachoua, a doctor based in Mexico who practices alternate treatment. Under his guidance, Sheen went off the usual HIV medication for about a week in order to undergo alternate therapy.

During the interview, Sheen said he took Dr. Chachoua's alternate treatment that works on the principles of HIV vaccine. However, he did not reveal the course of the therapy.

Interestingly at the show, Dr. Oz played an audio conversation with the Mexican specialist, who was extremely confident and positive about treating and healing Sheen that he even injected some of Sheen's blood into his own body. The doctor claimed that Sheen was the first HIV patient to be treated without an antiviral healing.

As reported on TV Guide, the Mexican doctor does not have a licence to practice in the U.S. This is a stage where the treatment is still not established, and the Mexican doctor is trying his hands on while experimenting on himself. He is being his own guinea pig and hopes to change the future if things fall into place.

Furthermore, in the show, it has been unveiled that ever since Sheen revealed his struggle with HIV in November 2015, his levels were barely visible. This meant that his blood was safe enough, and the levels are not transmittable if he sticks with his medication regime. But Sheen revealed in the "Dr. Oz Show" that at present, the numbers in his blood have increased and his condition has only gotten worse.

Dr. Oz also shared a chart citing the level of HIV in Sheen's blood. It showed that the numbers were high when they were primarily detected in Sheen's blood in 2011 and dropped following a six-month medication course to undetectable levels. The numbers have been managed since then, keeping Sheen's condition stable.

Sheen was reported to be disappointed with the alternative treatment. And he would certainly not recommend it to anybody and risk their lives.

Meanwhile, it has been established by the actor's manager, Mark Burg, that as soon as the numbers started going up, Sheen went back to his regular medications. In fact, he started with his prescribed medicines on the way back home while in the plane to Los Angeles.

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