Madonna Slams 'Sexist' Critics Who Read Too Much 'TMZ'

9:31 PM EST 1/19/2016 by Rhea Pruto, Celebeat Reporter

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Madonna will not let her critics, who claimed she was drunk while performing at her Kentucky Rebel Heart Tour, go off easily. According to her, saying she was drunk was being too "sexist" of the critics towards her and shows how ignorant they are.

Madonna allegedly arrived at her concert last week two and a half hours late, much to the chagrin and disappointment of her fans. The audience went online to bash Madonna's tardiness and her alleged unprofessional performance. According to the fans, the pop idol was struggling with her numbers, forgetting both the lyrics of her songs and her dance steps. Many of them assumed she must be drunk.

The music icon did not let these negative comments go, choosing to defend herself through her Twitter account. She posted a photo of herself lying on the floor after her show, adding a lengthy caption to explain her feelings over the criticisms she received.

She said that she never "drink and perform." She added that society is continuing to treat her in a sexist manner because had she been a man, no one would accuse her of the same.

This pop royalty also explained that fans must have heard a joke she cracked in Louisville about carrying out a comedic act while drinking alcohol and took that "literally." She made a jab about some of these critics as people who must not read and rely on "TMZ" too much.

 Earlier on, TMZ reported fans' reactions on her tour. According to concert goers, they are pretty sure that the pop singer is "hammered." But on the other hand, fans in general said that the show was fun, though most of them screamed obscenities at her while she performed.

The singer is currently in the middle of an ugly custody battle against Guy Ritchie, over their 15-year-old son Rocco. People magazine reports that a lot of the arguments stemmed from their very distinctive parenting methods. The magazine's source says, Ritchie thinks Madonna is too stern and counterproductive in making Rocco a confident boy.

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