Janet Hubert Cannot Stop Dissing Jada Pinkett-Smith's Oscar Boycott Plan

7:59 AM EST 1/22/2016 by Rhea Pruto, Celebeat Reporter

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Janet Hubert is not done dissing Jada Pinkett-Smith for suggesting that Black stars boycott the Oscars. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star thinks Pinkett-Smith and her husband, Will Smith, are just a bunch of "pretenders."

Hubert does not care if she has worked with Smith before. She thinks his wife was out of line when she decided to and called for others to boycott Oscars 2016. She told Los Angeles Times that to boycott the show is not "deep." For the Smiths to complain about the all-white Oscar nominations for her is "ridiculous." Asked to elaborate, she said they (including herself) are just entertainers. Among actors, she said that for Smith to cry foul is the most nonsensical thing she has seen. "Someone like Will Smith has not come up through the ranks like most actors, so for him to be complaining the most is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen."

She is not in any way claiming there is no diversity issue in Hollywood, even if she does not agree with Pinkett-Smith's call for boycott. For her, actors should not be waiting for awards in the first place. "If you are waiting for an award of a little...gold statue and that's supposed to validate you, then you're not in this business for the right reasons," the TV star shared. She added that the Oscars was never meant for the Black community of Hollywood. She added that if the Smiths really want to help the Black community of Hollywood, they should be doing more, especially since they have the means to do so. She suggested putting up a mentoring programme for newbies and screenwriters.

This is not the first time that Hubert dissed Pinkett-Smith. After Pinkett-Smith talked of being done with the Oscars through a Facebook video, Hubert made a countering video. In her video, Hubert said it is "ironic" that Pinkett-Smith will diss the Oscars when they are making millions from the very people that she wants to boycott. She said Pinkett-Smith only feels disappointed not because no Blacks were nominated but because her husband did not get a nomination.

ET Online reported Pinkett-Smith replying to this diss, saying the whole controversy is so much larger than the Oscars. She also said she wishes that the whole Black community could cooperate on this instead of fighting each other.               

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