Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss 2017: 'Ghostbusters' Actress Drinks This Special Smoothie To Shed Off Pounds, See Recipe Here!

3:12 AM EST 3/1/2017 by Kathleen Nava, Celebeat Reporter

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Although Melissa McCarthy is mostly known for her comedic acts, the "Ghostbusters" actress' name is now linked to as of of the most successful celebrity weight loss. Being overweight for most of her life, Melissa McCarthy weight loss was definitely bound to happen if she wants to live longer. Now that the "Gilmore Girls" star is living a healthier lifestyle, she sees to it that she drinks this special smoothie to help her keep shed off the excess pounds.

Melissa McCarhy is following a low-carb, high-protein diet, as reported by Foods 4 Better Health. The popular diet includes Atkins, Paleo, Zone, and ketogenic diets. The 46-year-old actress, writer, producer, and fashion designer resorted to this diet because it made a more long-lasting result in Melissa McCarthy weight loss, compared to those unreliable crash diets.

Melissa McCarthy knew that her weight was a big problem and it may eventually cause her her life. The "Ghostbusters" actress has definitely changed her lifestyle and she is firm to keep shedding off the pounds until she reaches her desired weight. Aside from eating a well-balanced meal, Melissa McCarthy also makes sure to drink her greens in a form of a smoothie.

Melissa McCarthy also drinks two cups of green tea everyday. She drinks her first cup during her morning snack and the second cup during lunch. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and is also believed to aid weight loss.

Melissa McCarthy got rid of her excess weight in the most healthy way possible, she is a living proof that keeping a healthy lifestyle will make you feel and look good. With her family as her inspiration, the "Ghostbusters" actress slowly but surely lost 75 pounds and she's committed to lose even more. Melissa McCarthy has been flaunting her new slimmer figure and has become an inspiration to people who are struggling with weight issues.

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