Park Bo Gum 2017: 'Love In The Moonlight' Star Is The Most Loved Actor In Korea?

8:00 AM EST 3/10/2017 by Kathleen Nava, Celebeat Reporter

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Park Bo Gum marked his celebrity status by being a part of Korea's successful films and television series like "Hello Monster" and "Reply 1988." However, his recent Korean drama series, "Love in the Moonlight," catapulted him to stardom that helped him garner a lot of recognition.

Some people say that you'll know that a celebrity like Park Bo Gum is successful if he or she is being talked about in the news, gossip sites or in social media. But it is believed that a celebrity has definitely reached fame when he or she start to get some haters. As strange as that sound, that seem to be the basis of one's popularity in the celebrity industry. Good publicity or bad publicity is still publicity. While this has been everyone's belief for a long time, Park Bo Gum seem to prove that you don't need haters to be considered successful.

According to reports, Park Bo Gum is dubbed as "the celebrity without any haters." The "Love in the Moonlight" actor's charm and pleasing personality have won everyone over that even the harshest critics can't seem to point any fault at the 23-year-old Park Bo Gum.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with the title given to him, Park Bo Gum proved that he is not only nice but he is confident and smart as well. "The most important thing to me is facing people head on, and focusing on not disappointing the public," the "Love in the Moonlight" actor said about being called "the celebrity without any haters" during his fan meeting in Singapore.

Park Bo Gum's personality is not the only thing that made people love him. The "Love in the Moonlight" star is definitely a good actor and his acting skill was recognized last year when he won Top Excellence at the 30th KBS Drama Awards and the Acting Award at the 16th Korea Assembly Grand Award. Park Bo Gum also added another success under his belt when the "Love in the Moonlight" star became the first actor to top Korea Power Celebrity list by Forbes.

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