'Belko Experiment' is A Must Watch for Fans of Gory Movie

4:56 PM EDT 3/17/2017 by Menahem Zen, Celebeat Reporter

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The workplace horror movie "Belko Experiment," written and produced by James Gunn is only suitable for the fans of the gory movie. Its excessive violence is too much for the average moviegoers.

According to New York Times, "Belko Experiment" is a grisly, sick-making exercise in sadism. The filmmaker tried to camouflage their crookedness in a plot about of social experiment.

The movie "Belko Experiment" started with a normal day of the office at the Belko Corporation outpost in Bogota, Colombia. Belko is said to be the non-profit organization that facilitates the American companies and their interest in South America. The employees are depicted to enter the building to start their working day.

Out of a sudden, the PA announces that staffs are instructed to kill three of their co-workers. Otherwise, six other co-workers will be killed. At first, the employees consider it a joke. However, someone suddenly dies when his head explodes, thus escalating the tension in the "Belko Experiment."

Apparently, all employees have their bodies tagged as their identification before they started working for Belko Corporation. However, an explosive device also implanted within the body tag, enabling the unidentified man that speak through the PA to identify and detonate the explosive to kill them. From then on, "Belko Experiment" becomes a workplace horror movie with an excessive violence.

The movie has been criticized for its absurd storyline, such as from Vanity Fair film critics Jordan Hoffman who wrote that "Belko Experiment" is a horror movie with a wrong reason. Hoffman said the mindset behind people who create the movie is equal to a cruel 12-year old boy who made an experiment by burning ant with a magnifying glass.

Gunn as the producer of "Belko Experiment" seems to try to exercise the limit of violence that people can tolerate in the movie. The movie is scheduled to release March 17. Watch the trailer of the movie below:

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