'Criminal Minds' Season 12: Will Gibson Return After Moore's Confirmed Appearance in Season Finale?

10:56 AM EDT 3/20/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) broke everyone's heart when he decided to leave "Criminal Minds" last year and Thomas Gibson's (Aaron Hotchner) sudden exit from the CBS drama fuelled the pain that fans have already been enduring. Now that Moore is confirmed to make a comeback to the show for the season finale, many fans are wondering if this is the start of the producers opening their doors for Gibson once again.

Following the departure of Moore and Gibson, "Criminal Minds" has dramatically received its lowest ratings after years of soaring high in the small screens despite the fact that one of the showrunners has assured fans that Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid) is not leaving the show. CBS News reports that Moore will appear in the May 10 episode finale of "Criminal Minds" season 12 to help the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) solve a case.

"BOOM! My secret is out !!!! I'm excited to say your Baby Boy will be back to play with my Criminal Minds family for the season 12 Finale!! make sure to tune in!!!!," Moore happily posted on Twitter on March 17. Naturally, the news made all fans delighted and have been anxious for "Criminal Minds" season 12 finale to see the tough guy in the BAU once again who had been dubbed as Baby Boy and the FBI agent who was always the one kicking doors when in a mission.

Deadline reports that Morgan will bring in a lead in the case against the infamous serial killer Mr. Scratch, who had escaped and has created too much mayhem on the BAU team throughout the season. With CBS bringing Moore back, fans believe that it's a move to get "Criminal Minds" high ratings back on track and many have high hopes that this could be a good start of bringing another fan-favorite character Aaron Hotchner on the show.

It can be recalled that fans started filing a petition to bring Gibson back to "Criminal Minds." Many fans have also started the now famous hashtag NoHotchNoWatch.

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