‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Spoilers: Wentworth Miller Teases Michael And Sara’s Future On Fox Revival

7:18 AM EDT 3/21/2017 by Marie Bernadette delos Santos, Celebeat Reporter

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"Prison Break" Season 5 is premiering in a few weeks and the Fox revival recently released a new teaser promo for the new season. In a recent interview, the cast and crew share details about the upcoming episodes of the series, including any hints on Michael and Sara's future. Is there a happy ending for them this time?

This article contains spoilers. Continue reading if you wish to learn more about the story.

"Prison Break" Season 5 spoilers are teasing on the reunion between Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) years after they have been apart. In a recent interview with TV Insider, the cast and crew shared that viewers will discover the implications of the time spent apart to their relationships.

Aside from the fact that Michael has changed, he will also find that Sara has already married another man in the "Prison Break" revival. According to Miller, Michael will be determined to reunite with his family, but the question is whether he will deserve to get a happy ending.

Sarah Wayne Callies admitted that Sara had to adapt to her new life after thinking that Michael had already died. Mark Feuerstein, who plays Sara's new husband in "Prison Break" Season 5, explained that his character understands that he will never be able to replace Michael in Sara's life.

It can be recalled that "Prison Break" Season 5 will show Michael locked up in a prison when everyone presumed that he died. Screenrant notes that Michael's stay in prison has changed a lot of things in him, but his kindhearted nature has not and will continue to interfere with his agendas.

Yahoo! TV also shared a side-by-side comparison of the changes in Michael throughout the years from the first season all the way to "Prison Break" Season 5. Miller also told the aforementioned publication that Michael will be forming relationships with some inmates, particularly Whip, which he said will be a "fantastic surprise."

Do you think Michael and Sara deserve a happy ending in "Prison Break" Season 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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