'One Piece' Spoilers: Katakuri Sees Big Mom's Assassination; Guests at Sanji & Charlotte's Wedding Revealed

12:12 PM EDT 3/27/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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The guests at Big Mom's huge tea party have been revealed in "One Piece" chapter 860 and what made the fans more thrilled is the introduction of Katakuri, the last of the three strongest commanders. He is said to have a bounty of 1 billion 57 million and is able to see the future through his immensely powerful observation Haki. There are also speculations that he sees Big Mom's assassination plot.

The Straw Hat Pirates and Capone Bege have the same goal and that is to stop Sanji and Charlotte Pudding's wedding. This was revealed in the Whole Cake Island arc in the previous episodes of "One Piece" although they had different reasons, but has agreed to do something so the wedding won't happen. Katakuri, who was introduced at Big Mom's tea party or also known as the Sanji and Charlotte's wedding, is the second son of the Charlotte family. He is also known as Dogtooth, who can see the future, but only for a short period of time.

However, during Big Mom's assassination plot in "One Piece," Bege did not inform the Straw Hat Pirates about Katakuri's ability and apparently, this is too risky. EnStars reports that the guests at the wedding include the biggest and most popular personalities such as Black Market King and Great Mortician Drug Pietro. Moreover, Jigra, one of the guests at the wedding, attempted to assassinate Big Mom, but Katakuri learned about it through his ability and killed him with jellybean bullets.

In a YouTube video, "One Piece" fans believe that Katakuri will foresee the assassination plot through the efforts of the Straw Hats Pirates but since it has been planned well, Bege appears to get the chance of killing Big Mom. There are also speculations that the group will destroy a photo of Mother Caramel, which gives them a chance to take down Big Mom. It will happen most likely since she becomes helpless once the photo is destroyed.

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