'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Actor Ian Bohen Reveals Love For Tyler Posey, Admits Talking To Costar Every Day

6:35 AM EDT 4/3/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Peter Hale may have been one of the most dangerous characters in "Teen Wolf" but the former Alpha Wolf has proven that he could change for the better in the final season. In addition to that, Ian Bohen has admitted that he doesn't share Peter's hate for Scott McCall. The "Teen Wolf" Season 6 star revealed that he loves all of his costars and speaks to Tyler Posey on a daily basis. But will Peter survive in the MTV show's season finale?

The first half of "Teen Wolf" Season 6 certainly featured a different Peter Hale, who has also in the Ghost Riders' realm. Peter tried to help Stiles Stilinski escape and even sacrificed himself to save Scott and Malia in "Blitzkrieg". Luckily, Ian Bohen appears to feel equally protective of costar Tyler Posey in real life. The "Teen Wolf" Season 6 actor has shared that he enjoys talking to Posey every day.

Ian Bohen was recently a guest at the Darkmoon Reunion in Brazil, where his "Teen Wolf" Season 6 costar Holland Roden was also in attendance. According to TeenWolfNews, Bohen stated that he is a huge fan of the show's cast especially Tyler Posey (via Twitter). The real Peter Hale even confirmed that he speaks to Posey on a daily basis.

So is there any chance that Peter Hale will return in the last episodes of the final season? Ian Bohen revealed that the former Alpha Wolf will make an appearance in the "Teen Wolf" Season 6 finale. Unfortunately, he couldn't share whether his character will be reunited with Tyler Posey's Scott or if Peter will even survive in the final episode.

The "Teen Wolf" Season 6 air date has not yet been revealed by MTV. However, fans can expect to see Ian Bohen and Tyler Posey in the back half of the final season, which is expected to premiere this summer.

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