'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 86 Spoilers: Android 17 Fights Goku for the First Time

7:02 AM EDT 4/7/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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After it was revealed that Emperor Frost will soon make a famous comeback to "Dragon Ball Super" to represent Champa's Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power, another revelation will surely get fans thrilled. It has been a while since the brother of Android 18 made his robotic appearance but it seems that he won't just make a comeback. Android 17 is said to fight Goku for the first time in history.

On Twitter, Todd Blankenship @Herms98 revealed that the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 titled Trading Blows for the First Time! Android No.17 vs Son Goku!! will see Android 17 and Goku striking a fight. "Jump preview for DBS ep.86, airing April 16th. Goku and No.17 meet for the very firstest Mcfirst time ever!" Blankenship wrote on Twitter. Goku continues in scouting for powerful warriors in Universe 7 to join the team for the Tournament of Power.

Goku succeeds in convincing his best friend Krillin to join as well as Android 18, who refuses at first but will later agree when Goku tells her that there is a prize money. "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers also revealed that Goku asks Android 18 about her brother. He then goes to Dende's temple looking for Android 17 when he stumbled upon a slimmed down Majin Buu. It was revealed that he had a rematch with the slim Buu.

Meanwhile, fans might wonder how Android 17, who has been working as an animal reserve ranger, will end up fighting Goku. Weekly Shonen Jump has revealed that Android 17 has become stronger than before and Goku has also spent his recent days training for the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. Comic Book believes that there is nothing more exciting than seeing these two powerful warriors go into fighting.

The synopsis for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 says that Goku and Android 17 will meet for the first time and talk about old times, where they end up fighting. Fans will certainly wonder what kind of old times they are talking that lead them to fight. This and more details will soon be answered comes April 16.

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