'The Defenders' Theory SPOILERS: Did New Trailer Tease A Different Iron Fist Other Than Danny Rand? [POSSIBLE PLOT DETAILS]

11:28 AM EDT 4/7/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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People have been speculating on what could happen in "The Defenders" after the show's air date was announced. After all, this will be the first time that Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist will be together. But is it possible that Danny Rand will not be the only Living Weapon who will appear in the Marvel series? There are speculations that another Iron Fist will show up when the show airs on Netflix this August?

CeleBeat has previously reported on the awesome way that "The Defenders" air date has announced. The first teaser from the Netflix series featured all four heroes piling into an elevator in Midland Circle. However, the promo is cut short as Jessica Jones notices the camera. The footage may have been brief but it still offered a glimpse at Daredevil disguising himself as ... Iron Fist? Fans were quick to point out Matt Murdock's disguise made him look more like the Living Weapon than Danny Rand himself. But is it possible that Marvel meant for Matt to look this way?

Iron Fist might be closely connected to Luke Cage due to "Heroes for Hire" but Danny Rand is also good friends with Matt Murdock in the comic books. Danny even went as far as pretending to be Daredevil when Matt was exposed as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, as per ComicVine. But is it possible that "The Defenders" will turn it the other way around as Matt pretends to be Iron Fist to save Danny?

It is important to point out that the possibility of Daredevil pretending to be Iron Fist is based on speculations. It is still best to take the information with a grain of salt. "The Defenders" will premiere on Netflix on August 18.

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