'Frozen' 2017 News: Present Ending Sequence Turned Out To Be Explosive than the Original Plot, Find Out Why

9:31 AM EDT 4/11/2017 by Lester Mondragon, Celebeat Reporter

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The world is thankful for the movie "Frozen" on how the way the movie ends. "Frozen", launched last Dec 2013 on a chilly evening is a successful animated movie. If the director, on his insistence, had his way, the storyline would have a very different ending and perhaps would have an ordinary reception to audiences around the world.

Disney's Animation Chief Ed Catmull is on the periscope observing and monitoring the script and animations production of "Frozen". Sensing improvement for the project, a meeting is due with the co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, who is also the screenwriter. The meeting is an ultimatum to have an ending that is worthwhile. Furthermore, he needs a conclusive ending that will pay off or they will have nothing.

The ultimatum is the pressure hint for the co-directors to do something different as per Ed Catmull's instructions, states Peter del Vecho, "Frozen" Producer. Del Vecho further states that the original plot starts off with Anna and Lisa, that are not even sisters nor are they even royalty. Kristen Bell, who plays the voice of Anna, tells the audience that Elsa (voice-over Idina Menzel) is a witch and the real villain of the story, reports Mail Online.

The start up storyline for "Frozen" with Elsa as a straightforward villain, Anna is not a princess, Hans stands Elsa on their wedding day, She proclaims herself a snow queen and creates an army of snow monsters, a battle ensues, intro of prince charming and saves the day, and all that common knowledge ending stuff. "Seems to be ordinary", says Producer del Vecho.

Del Vecho tells the Weekly Entertainment that there are plenty of drafts that are on the discussion table. Ed Catmull's ultimatum is the difference that makes it all the way it is at its ending, reports the Telegraph.

So, Here are the reasons why Disney and the Production team, the followers, and audience of the movie, "Frozen", is thankful for: Frozen has receipts of over $1.20 billion in the box office, brought happiness to children all over the world, is the most successful animation of all time, universal audiences loves Anna and Elsa as royal sisters, Academy Awards for best original song and best-animated feature, reports Business Insider. The production gives its credits to John Ripa, the unsung hero, "Frozen's" storyboard artist who formulated the ending sequence.

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