'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 87 - 89 Spoilers: Gohan Trains With Piccolo; Tenshinhan Builts Dojo & a Mysterious Character Appears

10:13 AM EDT 4/11/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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The latest "Dragon Ball Super" episode set Goku's scouting for powerful warriors in Universe 7 aside for a little while as fans get to see the other universes gearing up for the Tournament of Power. There have been speculations that the hit anime series will finally come to an end after the Universal Survival arc. However, the latest spoilers have made fans see another light for the series. Episodes 87 to 89 now have spoilers and predictions from the well-known and reliable sources.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 spoilers have been revealed with Goku and Android 17 meeting for the first time and apparently, the two end up fighting after talking about old times. It is unclear what kind of old times they are talking and it is yet to be answered comes April 16. In episode 87, Goku and Android 17's story continues as they fight but it appears that it will be interrupted.

Goku and Android 17 continue their fight in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 87 "Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No.17 Joint Battle!." However, their fight will be interrupted by a massive spaceship that appears in the sky. According to a popular and reliable source of the anime Geekdom101, The Galactic Patrolman Jaco could be the one sending the spaceship to warn the two fighters about a criminal, who is at large.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 88 titled "Gohan And Piccolo, The Master And The Disciples Intense Training To The Limit," will see the Namekian training Gohan once again. Fans last saw him during the Cell series and although Gohan knows that he has exceeded Piccolo's strength and power, he is still keen to train with his master. Piccolo is still equipped to train Gohan once more and is able to exceed his limit.

As for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 titled "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! Mystery Of The Tenshin-Style Dojo," fans will get to see the dedicated martial artist Tenshinhan. He has a third eye that connects with the Gods and fans say that it will be used in the Tournament of Power. In a YouTube video, Tenshinhan is said to have created a Dojo of his own and a mysterious character named Yurin will ask for his help.

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