Mel B's Makeup Artist Was Her Confidante During Decade-Long Domestic Abuse

3:38 AM EDT 4/13/2017 by Audrey Liza M. Nolasco, Celebeat Reporter

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Mel B's makeup artist had reportedly offered to appear in court to help his friend during the messy divorce settlement. He claims that he was the one who helped Mel cover up all the cuts and bruises she got from Stephen Belafonte during their decade-long abusive marriage.

The makeup artist claimed that he was threatened by Belafonte to keep mum about what's really going on in their marriage, or else he will not get paid. He offered to appear in court in Mel B's behalf after filing for divorce and asking for a restraining order per Metro.

The makeup artist allegedly told lawyers that in several occasions Belafonte was 'aggressive and verbally abusive' to the former Spice Girls singer. He also heard him call Mel B 'disgusting and ugly'.

Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne recalls the time what happened in X-Factor UK three years ago. For the final two days of the show she didn't make it during the first day because she was in the hospital. That was the day it was splashed in the papers that she was allegedly beaten by her husband. Then she came back for the final day with a black eye and bruises everywhere. This is something that's been brewing and people have been talking about it for a very long time. Osbourne also added that Mel B is a good girl, a great mom who is also very hardworking.

The twenty-page court documents had Mel B's claims on how she was treated by Belafonte for years. He allegedly beat her brutally, didn't allow her to see her family and was forced into threesomes. She also accused him of constantly recording their sex life which he would later use as ammo to threaten her if she tried leaving him.

It looks like Mel B wants to get the divorce over and done with as soon as possible. She's allegedly willing to offer Belafonte $8 million and a private island if he follows the gagging order included in the settlement. This report came after Belafonte allegedly plans to drag their longtime nanny into court to testify against Mel. Mel also wants sole custody of their daughter Madison though she initially said she was willing to share custody per

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