'Dragon Ball Super' Update: Here's the Universes' Mortal Level Ranking With Their Angels' Identities

6:02 AM EDT 4/17/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Since the "Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival arc kicked off a few months ago, interesting things and characters have been revealed including the warriors to represent each universe for the martial arts Tournament of Power. Universe 7 is no doubt everyone's favorite despite the fact that Universe 11 has the strongest and most powerful fighter, Jiren The Gray. With the battle of royal happening soon, new details were revealed about each universe's Angels as well as its rankings.

MaSTAR Media's YouTube video reveals that the 12 universes' full mortal level rankings are already uncovered for the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. It can be recalled that there are four other universes that are safe from elimination, trimming it down from 12 to 8 participating universes. These include Universe 1 (first place), Universe 12 (second), Universe 5 (third) and Universe 8 (fourth).

The Omni-Kings have already set up the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power and all eight universes are gearing up for the battle of royal. Champa's Universe 6 is reportedly to have the Female Broly in their team through Cabba's scouting efforts. Universe 11 though, comes in the fifth place, which is famous for having the Pride Troopers with Toppo and Jiren.

Universe 2 with Supreme Kai Peru and God of Destruction Jerez lands in the sixth place in "Dragon Ball Super" mortal level rankings while Universe 3 takes the seventh place with Supreme Kai Ea and God of Destruction Mosco. Universe 10 with Supreme Kai Gowasu and God of Destruction Rumoosh, takes the eighth place and Universe 4 with Kaioshin Kuri and God of Destruction Kitara lands in the ninth place.

Universe 6 with Champa and Kaioshin Fuwa takes the tenth place in "Dragon Ball Super" mortal level rankings. Universe 7 lands in the eleventh place and Universe 9 in twelfth. Meanwhile, Todd Blankenship @Herms98 has revealed the identities of the Angels in each universe with its Supreme Kai and God of Destruction.

"Dragon Ball Super" Angels include Awamo from Universe 1, Sour from Universe 2, Campari from Universe 3, Cognac from Universe 4, Cukatail from Universe 5, Vados from Universe 6. Additionally, Universe 7 has Whis while Universe 8 has Korn, Mojito from Universe 9, Cus from Universe 10, Universe 11 has Marcarita and Martin from Universe 12.

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