‘Attack On Titan' Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers: Dancing Titan To The Rescue; Reiner's Identity Revealed?

10:41 AM EDT 4/20/2017 by Rolly Real, Celebeat Reporter

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Exciting fans are adamant this week in the coming episode of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 Episode 4 which will be aired next week. The bloody battle against the Titan in Utgard Castle will also reveal the coming of the Dancing Titan.

In the last episode, it was discovered that Eren and members of the Survey Corps are on their way to Utgard Castle to save other soldiers. Published on TV Troupes, Reiner, Ymir, Connie, Krista, and some Survey Corps members are swarmed with mindless Titan in Utgard Castle. There is only limited equipment when the Beast Titan called out them to hide in the abandoned edifice to hide from the menacing Titans. The continuation is awaited to summarized on "Attack on Titan" Season 2 Episode 4.

The trailer of the "Attack on Titan" Season 2 Episode 4 shows the revelation of Reiner's identity. This Chapter which is titled "Soldiers" still emphasize that Reiner is still a soldier despite the double-faced identity. According to Attack on Titan Wiki, Reiner saved his fellow soldiers in Utgard Castle being attacked by the mindless Titans even with his intentions.

Throughout the attack, Ymir exposed her identity being a Dancing Titan, who Reiner and Bertolt acknowledged. Ymir attained her power as a titan shifter when she slew and ate Reiner's childhood friend, Marcel. Marcel, Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie were a collection of novice soldiers propelled to penetrate and attack Paradis in the years that passed. Marcel's death has menaced the three since then especially Reiner because he nearly died that time and if it wasn't for Marcel's gallant act of pushing him away from injury, he would have been the one scoffed by Ymir, a humdrum titan back then that meandered for years. This are the few things to expect on the coming "Attack on Titan" Season 2 Episode 4.

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