'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Meet the Ultimate Universe; Its God of Destruction, Supreme Kai & Angel

11:07 AM EDT 4/24/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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There's not too much of a wait until "Dragon Ball Super" fans get to see the deadly martial arts Tournament of Power. There are a total of 12 Universes and eight participating teams in the tournament since the other four universes are safe from elimination. The complete mortal level rankings have been released alongside more details of each God of Destruction, Angels and Supreme Kai. What's more interesting is that how Universe 12's God of Destruction is being described.

Some "Dragon Ball Super" fans apparently reacted when the complete mortal level rankings was released. As seen in the official website of Toei Animation, Universe 12 or the Ultimate Universe is led by Giin, which is described as the ruthless God of Destruction. Giin is said to be straightforward and is willing to do everything he can for his obligation in his universe.

Most universes are already anxious with the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power and have been gearing up for the battle of royal. However, for Giin, the tournament is boring. The other participating universes have been preparing for the tournament and Universe 7 has been the focus of the said preparation. Goku has been scouting for powerful warriors and the upcoming episode sees him trying to convince Master Roshi as well as Tien to join the team.

The Supreme Kai of Universe 12 or the Ultimate Universe in "Dragon Ball Super" is also on top of the rankings. Supreme Kai Agu is smaller, though he is said to be extremely determined in his universe's achievements. Universe 12's attendant, Angel Martinu is said to be incredibly powerful, inspiring Giin and Agu to be the best at all times.

The infamous "Dragon Ball Super" expert, Anime Live Reactions noted that Universe 12 is called the Ultimate Universe because of the balance that the God of Destruction, Supreme Kai and Angel have. Giin might be a ruthless God of Destruction but fans can't see him fight in the Tournament of Power. Apparently, Universe 12 is one of the four universes that are safe from elimination.

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