Idris Elba James Bond: 'The Dark Tower' Star 007 Odds Improve As Roland Deschain Shoots His Way Through New Trailer

9:32 AM EDT 5/4/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Things are definitely looking up for Idris Elba. The star of "The Dark Tower" is getting better James Bond odds after the release of the Stephen King film's trailer. So is it possible that the real Roland Deschain can take over as the new 007 when Daniel Craig steps away from the role? Could Elba turn out to be the next James Bond after playing the Gunslinger?

CeleBeat has previously reported on Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey taking on their film personas and duking it out on Twitter. The social media exchange between Roland Deschain and Walter Padick took place just a few hours before the release of the first "The Dark Tower" trailer. There is little doubt that fans are going crazy for the Gunslinger in the upcoming adaptation of the Stephen King classic. However, it looks like the idea of Elba shooting it up as Deschain also has people rooting for the "Thor: Ragnarok" star to become the next James Bond.

Idris Elba has long been a favorite for the role of 007 once Daniel Craig finally makes his exit. However, the "Dark Tower" star's odds got better after the release of his new film's trailer. According to Paddy Power, Elba has placed second at 5/2. The current favorite is still Tom Hardy with a whopping 15/8. It might seem like things are looking good for Elba but he still has some fierce James Bond competition in Michael Fassbender of "Alien: Covenant" as well as "Poldark" Season 3 actor Aidan Turner.

Idris Elba might still need to beat Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and Aidan Turner to get the role of James Bond from Daniel Craig, but hopefully, the real Roland Deschain will prevail. In the meantime, fans can look forward to seeing Elba face Matthew McConaughey's Man in Black in "The Dark Tower", which premieres on August 4.

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