Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario Dating? 'Baywatch' Stars May Have Taken Working Relationship To The Next Level

6:30 AM EDT 5/24/2017 by Colt, Celebeat Reporter

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Although Vanessa Hudgens has already moved on with Austin Butler and Zac Efron has had his share of romance with other women, people are still curious about what if the former Disney stars did not split up. While whispers and speculations claimed that the "Baywatch" actor may still have feeling for his teenage love, a new report now revealed that he is being shipped to his co-star Alexandra Daddario.

Although Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario have not addressed anything about their alleged off-screen romance, the 31-year-old actress seemingly confirmed all rumors when she posted a photo of her and the "Baywatch" actor planting a sweet kiss on her cheek. The "San Andreas" star then captioned the snap, "@mtv movie and tv awards backstage shenanigans with @zacefron #SummerandBrody #Baywatch"

Zac Efron finally addressed the romance rumors that were thrown at him and Alexandra Daddario. The 29-year-old actor and singer revealed that nothing romantic is going on between them but played along with the talks of him being linked to his "Baywatch" co-star. "As far as I know, she hasn't said yes," he told The Daily Telegraph, as per

Alexandra Daddario also revealed that she understands why the shipping and romance rumors have been happening, stating that it "makes sense because we are love interests in the movie," she said. "But this [pointing at Zac Efron] is a lot for me to handle."

Even though Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario just revealed that they are just friends, they are definitely not helping stop the romance rumors. As a matter of fact, the "Baywatch" stars just even ignited the speculations again when they cruised around Sydney harbour together, that the actress shared on her Instagram stories.

Alexandra Daddario shared snaps of her boating adventure with Zac Efron appeared to be taking the wheel. There were no other people in sight, so it's more likely that the rumoured couple are enjoying the sunset boat ride exclusively just for the two of them.

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